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FORMULA 500s - Carstairs Makes it Ten!

Glenn Carstairs has tonight continued his good early season form and claimed the feature race win at the Perth Motorplex, his tenth main event win at the venue.
In what was the opening event for Formula 500’s at the Motorplex, the feature would see WA Champion Steven Ellement and Carstairs sharing the front row.
Carstairs would get the better of the start, shutting the door hard onEllement in the opening turnwhile Ellement would very quickly come under threat from third placed Cody Turacchio.
Behind them was a gaggle of cars going three and four wide in incredible action, reminiscent of the earlier heat races where there was also an incredible show put on for the fans.
Mark House had a hairy moment, going sideways coming out of turn two but miraculously he was missed by all those behind him and the race continued with Carstairs building a gap on Ellement and Turacchio, the top three still pulling away from fourth placed Chris Dymock and the rest of the chasing pack.
Matt Brown then made his moves on Dymock to take fourth and worked to close the gap between himself and Turacchio.
On lap twelve Brown looked underneath him but couldn’t make it work, while up front lapped traffic closed the distance between the leaders, Ellement right on Carstairs tail as the race drew to its concluding laps.
Despite his best efforts Ellementcouldn’t get it done on Carstairs, with just 0.257 seconds separating them as they crossed the stripe the final time.Matt Brown got by Turacchio in the dying stages to claim fourth while Dymock rounded out the top five.
The Formula’s will now have a couple of weeks break before they again return to the Perth Motorplex on the 26th of November, 2019 for the annual King of Wings night!

Release by DTN Media.
Pics Courtesy Aidan Skraha Photography.

Official Results
Heat One, 8 laps: 1. 17 Todd Broadwood, 2. 36 Brendon Marshman, 3. 49 Glenn Carstairs, 4. 3 Chris Dymock, 5. 5 Cody Turacchio, 6. WA1 Steven Ellement, 7. 87 Luke Nardini, 8. 117 George Eaton, 9. 88 Jamie Nardini, 10. 73 Jeff Ross, 11. 24 Mark House, 12. 101 Damien Della. DNF: 4 Matt Brown (6).DNS: 71 David Carstairs. Total Time: 2.14.172. Winning Margin: 1.139. Fastest Lap: 16.571 Glenn Carstairs.
Heat Two, 8 laps: 1. WA1 Steven Ellement, 2. 24 Mark House, 3. 87 Luke Nardini, 4. 4 Matt Brown, 5. 49 Glenn Carstairs, 6. 5 Cody Turacchio, 7. 3 Chris Dymock, 8. 117 George Eaton, 9. 73 Jeff Ross, 10. 36 Brendon Marshman, 11. 17 Todd Broadwood, 12. 88 Jamie Nardini.DNF: 101 Damien Della (5). DNS: 71 David Carstairs. Total Time: 2.11.915. Winning Margin: 1.906. Fastest Lap: 16.381 Mark House.
Feature, 15 laps: 1. 49 Glenn Carstairs, 2. WA1 Steven Ellement, 3. 4 Matt Brown, 4. 5 Cody Turacchio, 5. 3 Chris Dymock, 6. 36 Brendon Marshman. 7. 117 George Eaton, 8. 17 Todd Broadwood, 9. 88 Jamie Nardini, 10. 87 Luke Nardini, 11. 24 Mark House, 12. 73 Jeff Ross, 13. 101 Damien Della. Total Time: 4.11.535. Winning Margin: 0.257. Fastest Lap: 16.545 Matt Brown.

Heat Grids
Heat One
36 Brendon Marshman and 17 Todd Broadwood
3 Chris Dymock and 117 George Eaton
49 Glenn Carstairs and 87 Luke Nardini
5 Cody Turacchio and 73 Jeff Ross
88 Jamie Nardini and WA1 Steven Ellement
4 Matt Brown and 71 David Carstairs
24 Mark House and 101 Damien Della

Heat Two
71 David Carstairs and 24 Mark House
WA1 Steven Ellement and 4 Matt Brown
73 Jeff Ross and 88 Jamie Nardini
87 Luke Nardini and 5 Cody Turacchio
117 George Eaton and 49 Glenn Carstairs
17 Todd Broadwood and 3 Chris Dymock
101 Damien Della and 36 Brendon Marshman

WA1 Steven Ellement and 49 Glenn Carstairs
87 Luke Nardini and 5 Cody Turacchio
3 Chris Dymock and 17 Todd Broadwood
36 Brendon Marshman and 24 Mark House
117 George Eaton and 73 Jeff Ross
4 Matt Brown and 88 Jamie Nardini
101 Damien Della and 71 David Carstairs


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