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FORMULA 500s - Two in a Row

Glenn Carstairs has tonight shown once again that he is a force to be reckoned with as he claimed his second feature win from as many starts at the Perth Motorplex.
Carstairs grabbed two third places in the heat races to start on the front row alongside Mark House, who claimed a heat win and a fifth to be the top points scorer.
As the fifteen lap feature race went greenit was House who got the jump, with third placed starting Chris Dymock using the inside to momentarily take second in the opening turns before Carstairs powered around the outside and grabbed the position back.
Cody Turacchio, starting from position four, then drew alongside Dymock at the line as they completed the first lap, then went past him in the next turns to take over the third place running.
Up front House had begun to build a gap by the end of the second lap, but on the third circulation Carstairs was able to close the distance, then dive underneath in turn four to draw alongside him, the two just 0.028 seconds apart as the fourth lap was completed.
The next time around Carstairs continued to use the low line to scoot under House and clearly lead the race as behind them Cody Turacchio was also closing and ready to pounce on House. Chris Dymock was also not that far away as the rest of the field dropped away from the leaders.
Lapped traffic came into play on lap ten, the same time as Turacchio made his way past House for second. Dymock also went through, putting House back to fourth, but immediately after Turacchio also headed infield, handing Dymock third.
House continued to drop back through the field as his right rear tyre proceeded to deflate, Luke and Jamie Nardini also making their way past him. Eventually House came to a stop in tun two, bringing out the yellows with thirteen complete and setting up a green white chequer restart, Carstairs to lead away Dymock, Luke Nardini, Jamie Nardini and Brendon Marshman.
Carstairs survived a brief challenge on the restart from Dymock and was able to go on to claim the win, his eleventh at the Perth Motorplex and second in a row, defeating Dymock and Luke Nardini.
The Formula’s will now head down to Collie next weekend, Saturday the 16th of November, for Round Two of the Fuel Distributors of WA West Coast Series, so stay tuned because the action is only just beginning to heat up!

Release by DTN Media.
Pics Courtesy Aidan Skraha Photography.

Official Results
Heat One, 8 laps: 1.24 Mark House, 2. 3 Chris Dymock, 3. 49 Glenn Carstairs, 4. 88 Jamie Nardini, 5. 5 Cody Turacchio, 6. 36 Brendon Marshman, 7. 117 George Eaton, 8. 87 Luke Nardini, 9. 14 Matthew Edwards, 10. 17 Todd Broadwood, 11. 25 Ashley Grant, 12. 101 Damien Della, 13. 71 Davis Carstairs, 14. 73 Jeff Ross (7). DNF: 4 Matt Brown (2). Total Time: 2.13.906. Winning Margin: 2.433. Fastest Lap: 16.488 Mark House.
Heat Two, 8 laps: 1. 87 Luke Nardini, 2. 5 Cody Turacchio, 3. 49 Glenn Carstairs, 4. 3 Chris Dymock, 5. 24 Mark House, 6. 17 Todd Broadwood, 7. 36 Brendon Marshman, 8. 73 Jeff Ross, 9. 117 George Eaton, 10. 88 Jamie Nardini, 11. 14 Matthew Edwards, 12. 101 Damien Della, 13. 25 Ashley Grant. DNF: 71 David Carstairs (4). DNS: 4 Matt Brown. Total Time: 2.15.733. Winning Margin: 1.084. Fastest Lap: 16.712 Glenn Carstairs.
Feature, 15 laps: 1. 49 Glenn Carstairs, 2. 3 Chris Dymock, 3. 87 Luke Nardini, 4. 36 Brendon Marshman, 5. 88 Jamie Nardini, 6. 117 George Eaton, 7. 73 Jeff Ross, 8. 17 Todd Broadwood, 9. 101 Damien Della, 10. 71 David Carstairs (14), 11. 25 Ashley Grant (14). DNF: 24 Mark House (13), 5 Cody Turacchio (10), 14 Matthew Edwards (1). DNS: 4 Matt Brown. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.821. Fastest Lap: 16.533 Glenn Carstairs.

Heat Grids
Heat One
3 Chris Dymock and 24 Mark House
117 George Eaton and 88 Jamie Nardini
25 Ashley Grant and 14 Matthew Edwards
71 David Carstairs and 73 Jeff Ross
5 Cody Turacchio and 49 Glenn Carstairs
4 Matt Brown and 36 Brendon Marshman
17 Todd Broadwood and 87 Luke Nardini
101 Damien Della

Heat Two
87 Luke Nardini and 17 Todd Broadwood
36 Brendon Marshman and 4 Matt Brown
49 Glenn Carstairs and 5 Cody Turacchio
73 Jeff Ross and 71 David Carstairs
14 Matthew Edwards and 25 Ashley Grant
88 Jamie Nardini and 117 George Eaton
24 Mark House and 3 Chris Dymock
101 Damien Della

24 Mark House and 49 Glenn Carstairs
3 Chris Dymock and 5 Cody Turacchio
87 Luke Nardini and 36 Brendon Marshman
88 Jamie Nardini and 17 Todd Broadwood
117 George Eaton and 14 Matthew Edwards
73 Jeff Ross and 101 Damien Della
25 Ashley Grant and 71 David Carstairs
4 Matt Brown


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