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FORMULA 500s - That Special Ellement Again!

For the second time in as many nights Steven Ellement has claimed the feature win at the Perth Motorplex, once again extending his all-time feature race wins lead!
It was a great night of racing for the Formula 500’s, with no restarts in any of their races and just one car not finishing one race all night. All cars that started the night would take the green flag for the feature, with Glenn Carstairs and Steven Ellement sharing the front row while Jamie Nardini and Matt Brown would share row two.
As the race went green Carstairs and Ellement banged wheels, Ellement able to get the lead into the opening turn followed by Carstairs with Brown right behind the two of them.
Jamie Pages pulled a wheel stand as he ran over the back of George Eaton down the back straight but the race was able to continue, with passing right through the field, even rookie Amy Waldron making up three places in the early going.
Back up front Ellement was being tailed by Carstairs, with Brown and Cody Turacchio, who had come from position six, right behind them waiting for an opportunity to get by.
Carstairs went high on lap five to draw alongside Ellement down the back straight but Element was able to hold the lead.
A lap later Carstairs did the same thing and the two were just 0.068 apart as they crossed the line to complete lap six.
This seemed to ignite a fire in Ellement’s belly as he then put the foot down and began to pull away from Carstairs, with Brown and Turacchio still loitering around behind them, waiting for their chance.
The top four spread out with five laps remaining while Jamie Nardini, Luke Nardini and Chris Dymock fought it out for fifth place in a tight battle.
Ellement made his way into lapped traffic on lap thirteen, but it made no difference, ducking and diving with ease, avoiding a nearly half spun lapped car and going on to claim his second win in as many meetings.
Carstairs held on for second despite Brown closing very quickly in the final corners, while Turacchio and Jamie Nardini rounded out the top five.
After tonight’s racing, Glenn Carstairs is still the leader of the Perth Motorplex Track Championship, now 28 points clear of second placed Chris Dymock while Cody Turacchio is just four points further back in third place.
The Formula’s will now have a full monthbreak before returning to the track again on Saturday the 1st of February at the Moora Speedway for the fifth round of the Fuel Distributors of WA West Coast Series, proudly presented by Stainless Fastner Supplies.

Release by DTN Media.
Pics Courtesy Aidan Skraha Photography.

Official Results
Heat One, 8 laps: 1.88 Jamie Nardini, 2. 117 George Eaton, 3. WA1 Steven Ellement, 4. 49 Glenn Carstairs, 5. 17 Todd Broadwood, 6. 87 Luke Nardini, 7. 3 Chris Dymock, 8. 4 Matt Brown, 9. 5 Cody Turacchio, 10. 11 James Dawson, 11. 101 Damien Della, 12. 14 Matthew Edwards, 13. 66 Jamie Pages, 14. 71 David Carstairs, 15. 39 Amy Waldron. Total Time: 2.15.636. Winning Margin: 2.244. Fastest Lap: 16.608 Jamie Nardini.
Heat Two, 8 laps: 1.4 Matt Brown, 2. 5 Cody Turacchio, 3. 49 Glenn Carstairs, 4. 3 Chris Dymock, 5. WA1 Steven Ellement, 6. 66 Jamie Pages, 7. 87 Luke Nardini, 8. 88 Jamie Nardini, 9. 117 George Eaton, 10. 17 Todd Broadwood, 11. 14 Matthew Edwards, 12. 101 Damien Della, 13. 71 David Carstairs, 14. 39 Amy Waldron. DNF: 11 James Dawson (5). Total Time: 2.14.010. Winning Margin: 2.724. Fastest Lap: 16.616 Matt Brown.
Feature, 15 laps: 1. WA1 Steven Ellement, 2. 49 Glenn Carstairs, 3. 4 Matt Brown, 4. 5 Cody Turacchio, 5. 88 Jamie Nardini, 6. 87 Luke Nardini, 7. 3 Chris Dymock, 8. 117 George Eaton, 9. 17 Todd Broadwood, 10. 66 Jamie Pages, 11. 39 Amy Waldron, 12. 101 Damien Della, 13. 11 James Dawson (14), 14. 14 Matthew Edwards (14), 15. 71 David Carstairs (14). Total Time: 4.15.194. Winning Margin: 1.231. Fastest Lap: 16.630 Steven Ellement.

Heat Grids
Heat One
71 David Carstairs and 88 Jamie Nardini
17 Todd Broadwood and 101 Damien Della
117 George Eaton and 87 Luke Nardini
WA1 Steven Ellement and 11 James Dawson
5 Cody Turacchio and 14 Matthew Edwards Pope
49 Glenn Carstairs and 3 Chris Dymock
66 Jamie Pages and 39 Amy Waldron
24 Mark House and 4 Matt Brown

Heat Two
4 Matt Brown and 24 Mark House
39 Amy Waldron and 66 Jamie Pages
3 Chris Dymock and 49 Glenn Carstairs
14 Matthew Edwards Pope and 5 Cody Turacchio
11 James Dawson and WA1 Steven Ellement
87 Luke Nardini and 117 George Eaton
101 Damien Della and 17 Todd Broadwood
88 Jamie Nardini and 71 David Carstairs

49 Glenn Carstairs and WA1 Steven Ellement
88 Jamie Nardini and 4 Matt Brown
117 George Eaton and 5 Cody Turacchio
3 Chris Dymock and 87 Luke Nardini
17 Todd Broadwood and 66 Jamie Pages
14 Matthew Edwards and 101 Damien Della
11 James Dawson and 71 David Carstairs
39 Amy Waldron


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